The Vermont Bar Association
60th Mid-Year Meeting
Business Meeting Agenda
Friday, March 31, 2017

 1.        Call to Order/President’s remarks
 2.        Minutes
 3.        Memorial:
                        Douglas Pierson               August 18, 2016
                        Robert Erdmann              October 19, 2016
                        Alden Guild                    January 13, 2017
                        Kerry G. Spradlin            January 23, 2017
                        John C. Swanson             January 27, 2017
                        Phillip A. Kolvoord           March 11, 2017
 4.        President's Awards:
Hon. Matthew I. Katz Award presented to Hon. John A. Dooley, III
                        2016 - 2017 Service Award presented to John F. Campbell, Esq.
 5.        Pro Bono Award Winners:
Pauline Law, Lila Shapero, and Salvatore Spinosa  
 6.        Elections:
                        President-Elect:                    Gary Franklin
                        Secretary:                             Edward J. Tyler, III
                        Treasurer:                             Matthew F. Valerio
                        At-Large Board Seat:              Lauri Fisher (uncontested)
                        At-Large Board Seat:              Elizabeth A. Kruska (uncontested)
                        At-Large Board Seat:              David G. Carpenter v. Andrew D. Manitsky
 7.        Access to Justice Campaign Update
 8.        VBF Report
 9.        ABA Report –
10.       Old Business
11.       New Business